Herrin Jeanette

My locations: Zurich, Basel, Chur, Geneva:
PERVERTED & DIRTY. Dominance and extreme gimmicks are my passion and my elixir of life. Dominant by nature, I'm always horny and always looking for something new. I will use you however you want and you will obey me.
You are helpless on the torture chair when I work your asshole as deeply as possible, work it with my fist or abuse your nipples or your cock with clips. I also especially love double pointed needles or electric gates. My imagination knows no bounds. If you wish, I will make you my wife and whore.
You as my slave crawl on all fours like a dog after me and let everyone use you who want you or whom I choose for it. By arrangement, you can also use my house slave. As you can see, anything you can imagine is possible from my side.


Herrin Jeanette

Phone +41 (0) 79 4796190



I am at your disposal if you have any questions
+41 79 4796190.
You can also book by email herrin-jeanette@outlook.de or via the contact form on my website.

My preferences:

  • Strict parenting
  • long term education
  • TV training
  • brand
  • breath control
  • CBT
  • Clinic treatment
  • Clinical Games.
  • Mental humiliation
  • facesitting
  • mummification
  • leather education
  • nipple torture
  • Psychological training
  • RPG
  • nylon and foot fetish
  • My taboo:

  • No intimate contact
  • No GV
  • No leak training
  • more ...

  • Spanking
  • Stap-on training in
  • trample
  • nipple treatment
  • anal treatment
  • anal stretching
  • bondage fixation
  • humiliation
  • Fixing Games
  • Masochistic
  • KV
  • KV games
  • Ns
  • Vomit

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